Ib economic ia macroeconomics essay

The economies of scale found in the production of the S4 is that as output increases, labor can handle more products per individual, decreasing the cost per unit. Japan has an ageing population which tends to consume less than a young population and might even be living off their savings, hence, borrowing little to none.

Link your example to the diagram. Furthermore, low interest rates would lead to lower mortgage repayments, hence allowing homeowners, usually predicted to sell their homes during a recession, to refrain from doing so.

Internal Assessment Sample – Macroeconomics

Briefly explain a real life example. When the Iphone was released, other firms could not emulate its design and popularity, however in the past few years, the Galaxy series has been compared to the Iphone. This lawsuit prevents further occurrences of the imitation problem as our legal system is able to stop such fraud.

Internal Assessment Sample – Macroeconomics

Link the example to diagram and the question. However, long articles often provide a lot more analysis rather than just reporting news, so I always say: Article allows for linking two or more concepts in the chosen section of syllabus: Definition and real life example Definition: On the whole, the equilibrium would have changed from A to B, with prices falling from P to P1.

This revelation of a new model allows for Samsung to increase its market share in handheld products. Both economies and diseconomies of scale impact the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Also, because there is speculation that prices may rise, there may continue to be a shortage in supply as homeowners wait to take advantage of higher prices when they sell.

This policy also hurts savers as they lose interest on their savings, so they have to save even more. However, if shares are held by a number of low to middle income people, then the domestic consumption might grow causing aggregate demand to increase.

I always say think of "The Reader" as a simple guy who doesn't understand any economics yet. In addition, the increase of value added tax in January back to the previous rate of If shareholders are mainly high income people who have large proportions of companies then they become even wealthier and might not necessarily consume more domestically.

Both of them are the elements of aggregate demand — the total goods and services demanded in an economy at different price levels over a certain period of time. Challenging theory like this is tough, but there are a lot of marks for you if you can do it well.

What does it show in general. To evaluate, this policy fails if there is no borrowing. Consequently, demand for small homes may increase, whilst demand for larger homes may decrease. Define either another key word in the question if there is another one or a related key word Real life example: As a result, it is thought any recovery in the housing market is likely to be gradual, with some commentators warning that further price falls cannot be ruled out.

Hence, this policy should help Japan escape the deflationary gap. The average cost of a home in the UK jumped by 1. That could happen because of wealth effect making people feel richer and hence, more likely to spend. Japan is importing some products with low price elasticity of demand which is the measure of the responsiveness of the quantity of a good demanded to a change in its price, for example, oil.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders also reported a 26 per cent rise in mortgage lending in July to its highest level for nine months, as buyers continued to return to the market. As an oligopoly the introduction of the S4 affects all other competitors, including Apple and Android.

In the United Kingdom, housing prices also plummeted, but during August the average cost for a home rose by 1. The annual rate at which prices are falling also continued to ease during August, narrowing to just 2. Some essays I wrote over my two years of taking Economics (SL).

Apr 20,  · An Economics IA typically is focused on one of the 5 areas of the syllabus: Introduction in Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics or Development Economics. They require around words in length (including diagrams, labels and footnotes).

The Ib Economics Internal Assessment Economics Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The Euro Zone is an economic and monetary union of 17 European Union member states that have adopted the euro as their common currency and sole legal tender.

Economics Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Economics Essays Examples of Our Work. So by the end, there will be an microeconomics-related article, macroeconomics-related article, and either international- or development economics-related article!

Each article relates to a different part of the world: IB learners should be globally-minded world citizens.

Ib Microeconomics Ia

Economics There are also significant obstacles in the conditions of entry; a firm must create a phone and launch satellites into orbit in order to start a firm in the smartphone industry. As an oligopoly the introduction of the S4 affects all other competitors, including Apple and Android.

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Ib economic ia macroeconomics essay
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