Changing something about your school

I would like to see us go back to neighborhood schools in our area. In third grade, we have a cart of laptop computers in each room -- one computer for every two students.

It is often crucial to find allies within the school system, at as many levels as possible. Describe it and explain why you. Stage public meetings, rallies, demonstrations, petition drives, picketing, and other events meant to draw attention to and explain the need for policy change.

That involves, among other activities, establishing relationships with sympathetic reporters, editors, station managers, etc.

This information could be sent out in emails or put on wikis. But if it is, try to find as much real evidence as you can to back up your opinion. It permeates the classrooms and all other areas of the school too.

Lack of administration support for student run clubs. Put together an even more impressive array of facts and figures to support your arguments, continue to build community support in order to exert pressure on the Committee, invite Committee members to be part of a group to study the issue, work for the support of teachers, etc.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. They are committed to the schools educational programs for students of all abilities -- from Advanced Placement to Life Skills and other support programs, and to its extra-curricular programs.

Learn everything you can about the structure of the school system and the personalities of those within it. It is besides everyplace else in America.

What would you change about your school?

Getty Images One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was from a friend in the restaurant business. Everyone helps to steer our students on the path to responsibility.

Students accumulate points and earn rewards for their hard work as they use the Accelerated Reader AR program. Recall the School Committee or the members of the Committee blocking your proposal.

You may need only a bare-bones idea of whom to approach, or you may need a full-blown strategic plan ; either way, you have to do some planning to decide on your course of action.

Or it might be a sign that all the assessments are now done online. They hate seeing the nutrient travel in the rubbish. I see too much paper being sent out in the way of memos, handouts, and useless information that is thrown away or recycled.

Some communities elect a whole School Committee at once for a set period usually 2 or 3 years. I would like to see us go back to neighborhood schools in our area.

So think carefully before putting on your Mr Angry face and marching into the school for a spot of ranting. The School Committee is the policy-setting body in most school systems. Without that, we are as a pea vine sprawling in search of a trellis. Most other system employees are protected by union rules.

Other people to be acquainted with, at least at a distance, include other administrators, teachers, and staff, particularly union leaders and activists. No homework and better school dinners also.

A compromise may not give you everything you want, but may satisfy the basic need that prompted the effort for change. For example, I really hate German, but have had to do it for 3 years. You want the media there to generate positive publicity for your proposal, not to make you or your supporters look bad.

It will also improve the school-community relationship. Earle Elementary School in Landrum, South Carolina, principal Nita High says that visitors who enter her building always make the same comment.

In a well-managed system, a policy that has the support of teachers and principals is very likely to be viewed favorably by the superintendent, and in turn likely to be passed by the School Committee.

5 Things I Would Change about Education

What would you change about your school? "I am trying to get the school to change the time from tobecause we all work much better with more sleep." It should be a main meal first, but you have to have something healthy next to it." Monika, 12, Northants. Feb 24,  · On Sunday evening, we asked our teen Twitter followers to tell us the ONE thing they wish they could change about school and why.

From cafeteria food, to early start times, to. The School Committee (or at least the principal, if the change concerns only a single school) has to approve and institute the change. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, the school staff involved in implementing it have to actually do so, rather than just go through the motions, if the change.

If you could change something about your time in high school, what would it be? I should have joined more clubs and activities. Man, I wish I wouldn't have wrecked my mom's car. My school has a lot of problems.

There are many different things that I think we need to change about our school and they are having school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the food we have to eat. 1. I would like to see teachers teach students according to their individual needs.

I don’t mean just special education students but I mean all students. I think we need to go back to the one room school house mentality and start teaching students at the level they are at in ways that they can learn so they can be successful in the workplace.

Changing something about your school
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